After 35+ years of operating out of homes, rented spaces, borrowed lots, and anywhere else we can, CIA is embarking on a Capital Campaign to purchase and build a permanent international headquarters for our operations. This facility will allow us to work on our own equipment, saving tens of thousands of dollars every year. We will also have warehouse space for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of nonperishable foods donated for our deployments, most of which we currently have to pass on or turn down due to lack of space. We have quickly outgrown our current office space, as God continues to grow our team and capabilities. Consolidating our operations that are currently scattered across Northern Virginia will allow us to work more efficiently and expand our capacity to bring Hope people in their greatest times of need. This is a monumental project for us, and we are trusting God to provide for it, just as He has for the last 35 years.


CIA Headquarters | Project Synopsis

  • The project provides a consolidated location for CIA personnel and equipment to accommodate current activities and projected growth for 15 years.

  • Acquisition of ~10 acres and construction of 40,000 square foot facility and development of utilities, roads, and outside large vehicle and trailer storage.

  • A 40,000 square foot warehouse-type pre-engineered building will house materials and supplies that are currently stored in trailers. Open vertical rack systems for equipment and bulk supplies will occupy 17,000 square feet. A mezzanine over secure storage and walk-in cooler and freezer will occupy 3,000 square feet. No longer will donations of perishables have to be refused due to lack of secure storage.

  • The other 20,000 square feet in the warehouse will be dedicated to vehicle maintenance and deliveries. Approximately one-third of that area will house small vehicle and trailer storage; one-third will be equipped for maintenance of all rolling stock and include vehicle lifts. Remaining third of the floor space will be for supplies and build-up for deployments.

  • Attached to the warehouse will be an foot office building. There will be 12 semi-private offices and counseling rooms with open office for part-time volunteers. The conference area will handle 36 persons for meetings, small conferences and training. A media studio, break room and restrooms complete the office area.


UPDATE - December 2017


We found an existing facility with nearly 6 acres and a 40,000sq foot warehouse with loading docks and everything we need, including office space. This building is in an industrial park and zoned exactly as we need it and nearly ready to move into. The cost? 1.2million dollars! The property was about to go on the market when we heard about it. We had three commercial building professionals go through the facility for us to make sure it’s everything that it seems to be. The board at Christ In Action has agreed that we should buy the property. We signed the contract to purchase the property in December and have been so blessed to see donations coming in every day to make this a reality. We’ve received donations as small as $5 and as large at $100,000, and we are so thankful for each one. Christ In Action operated debt-free since 1982, and we are committed to that core value. To-date, we have raised nearly $900,000, which leaves a balance of just over $300,00 to raise in order to pay cash for this building! Meanwhile, we’ve had the building inspected electrically and structurally, even drilling a core sample from the concrete to make sure that it will support our heavy equipment. We've also been looking at plans for how to rework the office space to make it more effecient for our team. Every step of the way we’ve received confirmation that this building is exactly what we need and will allow us to expand our reach, capacity, and capabilities for helping people in times of crisis.

UPDATE - February 2018

We have reached our goal of 1.2 Million to purchase this property! Praise God!! This has been a monumental undertaking and God has proven faithful. Again. And He has used so many of YOU to do it! Thank you for partnering with us to see this through. We should be closing on the building in early March. At that point we have some renovations to do, improving and expanding the existing offices, as well as modifications to some of the loading docks to allow access for our equipment. These are additional expenses, not included in our original goal of 1.2 Million, but still essential to using this facility in the capacity we need. If you still want to partner with us we could really use your help as we raise the funds needed to complete the work on this building. We also need up from local volunteers! If you can donate some elbow grease to help us with cleaning and renovating this space, you can volunteer to help, starting March 7! We will be cleaning, painting, pulling out carpet, chipping up old flooring, replacing lightbulbs/fixtures, and a myriad of other odds and ends to bring this facility up to snuff. If you have specific skills (painting, drywall, construction, electrical, etc) that you would be willing to donate to help us with this project, please email us so we can put you on the list and call you when your skills are needed.


Your donation today will help us finish this project well, and enable us to keep bringing Hope to families across America for years to come!



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