Hope Marriage Hotline


Once you choose HOPE, anything is possible. We are not here to judge and point fingers at you, we are not here to hash over the past but rather to help you build a solid future for you, your spouse and your children. It's never too late to live happily ever after and we want you to experience that.

It seems that strife and turmoil never come at a convenient time, certainly not on a normal 9:00 to 5:00 work schedule. That is why Hope Marriage Center has a FREE CRISIS HOTLINE. A number that goes directly to one of our trained marriage specialists.  We know that many times if there can be a word of help at the moment and you don’t have to wait until “the office opens” in the morning, there can be a more direct approach to calming the storm in the relationship and reconciling the marriage.

In real estate it is location, location, location.
In relationships it is timing, timing, timing.


As we rely on trained volunteers to answer these calls, we are unable to guarantee their availability. We currently have specialists available from 7AM - 11PM ET. For assistance outside of these hours, please take advantage of the FREE resources we have available online. 


Call now for help.  Call 855-395-HOPE (4673)


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