NAME Regional Marriage Conference

National Association of Marriage Enhancement

Organizer of NAME RMC 2020

The National Association of Marriage Enhancement (NAME), is a non-profit faith-based organization whose mission is to resource the local church with regard to marriage ministry. The crux of NAME’s ministry is the training and certification of lay couples to be Certified Marriage Specialists. Once a couple is trained/certified they establish a “NAME Center” within their local church body, which provides 100% free Nouthetic (Biblical) marriage counseling. Each NAME Center is under the authority of its local church leadership and NAME exists to equip these centers and counselors with the tools and education they need to help the marriages of their churches and communities. NAME equips couples though audio, video, book, and web/digital training and resources. Regardless of denomination, church size, etc. all couples have a need for Biblical teaching on marriage and the establishing of a scriptural basis for their future together.

Up coming April 3-4, 2020 Event: NAME RMC 2020    Event Video Link

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